I wanted to let you know that I passed my hazard perception test. I thought of my dad teaching me how to read and how he always told me to think outside the box. During the test, I stuck my foot out and pretended to accelerate when the video started and my muscle memory took over and I was able to judge when to break (click the mouse). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening with  interest when I told you the problem I was having. You were the first person I had spoken to about my issues with Irlens in over 20 years so it wasn’t easy for me to do. You showed me empathy when I needed a tiny bit of support and I cannot tell you how much that meant to me. Thank you too for not criticizing me for not wearing the glasses. I have been proud of my achievements without them. I am not a religious person but I think you are going straight to heaven! Safe travels through life and please know you made a small difference in mine.