An lrlen Screener Training Course will normally take place during the next school holidays and will run for two days. Upon successful completion of the course each person will be eligible to receive a Screener’ s Certificate signed by Professor lrlen and sent from The lrlen Institute in California. You will then be entitled to charge up to $99 per person for a screening. You may then refer clients to our clinic for further diagnostic assessment and prescription of lrlen coloured lenses.

The first day covers the technique and application of the lrlen Reading Perceptual Schedule (IRPS). The second day will cover the history of Scotopic Sensitivity lrlen Syndrome, medical research from around the world and appropriate reading strategies and remediation. Time will also be available to practice the IRPS, for questions and discussion.

On the final day, clients will be available for each person to complete a full screening under supervision. These clients will come and be screened for no charge. If you are aware of anyone who may have the symptoms of SSS and are prepared to come and be assessed on a training day, please let us know.

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For the training workshop: teaching certificate or graduate degree in education, psychology, counseling, assessment, speech, occupational therapy or rehab, health and medical field, or experience working with literacy in the prison system or a literacy program.

If you would like to apply to train as an Irlen Screener, please fill out the form below.